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Lili's Bakery
Biscuiterie parisienne

Our delicacies

The scent of lovingly prepared crêpes, the aroma of a gateau fresh from the oven… Everyone has experienced the emotions of their own madeleine dipped in tea moment, as memorably described by Marcel Proust. Lily, the hotel manager, makes a point of evoking such emotions through her passion for pâtisserie.

Lili’s Bakery was established to recreate the savoir-faire and sheer magic of the traditional biscuiterie parisienne. So it is that she offers the great classics, but also, and above all, the kinds of family treats that we bake at home on Sundays. From breakfast to Tea-Time, you are invited to taste the exquisite flavours of her home-made cakes, cookies, gâteaux and more. The recipes vary throughout the year in harmony with the seasons. They conjure up our nostalgia for childhood and bring back memories of warm moments of sharing.

All our delicacies are available onsite or to take away for enjoying at home.

Hôtel Le Soly Varnay - Bar Morzine

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Hôtel Le Soly Varnay - Bar Morzine

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